New England's Paranormal Research Headquarters

Founded in 1952 by Ed & Lorraine Warren


The Warren's Seekers of the Supernatural Paracon

Gettysburg, PA

September 27-29, 2024

TCD Para-Con & Entertainment LLC is bringing new and exciting celebrity guests from all aspects of the paranormal, supernatural and horror! Due to the event’s popularity a third day has been added this year. Vendors from far and wide will satisfy your curiosity in demonology, ghosts, UFOs, monsters, urban legends, cryptozoology and so much more! Psychic readers of all types will be on hand to assist in guiding you in your spiritual journey. Whether the experienced paranormal investigator or novice ghost hunter at the local cemetery there is something for everyone! From bestselling authors to healers, from crystals to Ouija boards, it will all be here!

What We Do

Led by Tony Spera, the New England Society of Psychic Research carries on the exploration and investigation of paranormal and demonic entities as initiated by Ed & Lorraine Warren.


NESPR actively investigates & documents paranormal and psychic activity around the world. 


We host events regularly.  Most are open to the public, but some are industry-specific events.


Tony Spera, head of NESPR, is available for speaking engagements, lectures, & special appearances.

Experiencing Paranormal Activity?

Are you currently experiencing a paranormal phenomenon, a haunting, or unearthly spiritual encounters? We are here to help. We are willing and able to travel, so please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready for your email.

Looking to Become an Investigator?

We have all the resources you need to learn from the best in the field.  Our team is composed of industry experts, religious counselors, and psychic guides that will help you gain a strong foundation in this sector.

Our Story

For over fifty years, Ed and Lorraine Warren were considered America’s preeminent experts on the subject of spirits and demonology.

Authorities repeatedly called upon the Warrens to control some of the most profane outbreaks of diabolical phenomena in the country.  

The cases the Warrens have worked entail some of the most extreme paranormal activity ever documented.  Cases where priests have become possessed.  Cases where people are physically attacked.  Cases where unworldly entities manifest and then preside.  Cases where time is violated and the physical environment is completely rearranged.  Cases where spirits don’t just haunt a house, they visibly tear it apart.

Ed and Lorraine Warren have dedicated their lives to this work, and all of their knowledge and experience has been successfully passed on to Tony Spera and NESPR organization to continue their legacy.

Working with the Warrens for the past 30 years and married to their daughter, Judy, Tony carries the legacy forward through NESPR and the most elite team of paranormal experts on the planet.  In addition to managing the Warrens Museum Of Psychic Research, NESPR continues to be the authority in conduction paranormal investigations.

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