The Official Ed and Lorraine Warren You Tube Channel

I am excited about the launch of our new “Official Ed and Lorraine Warren” YouTube channel. Here is a link to it;

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How we protect ourselves when placing- or moving artifacts at the Warren Occult Museum

I received a question from a viewer wanting to know how we protect ourselves when moving an artifact, or placing a new artifact into the museum. When

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Ed Warren, Lorraine Warren and Me Part 2

About a week had passed since I’d met Ed and Lorraine at the University of Connecticut. I was still working as a police officer at the time, and

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Ed Warren, Lorraine Warren, and Me

I met Ed and Lorraine Warren in the fall of 1979. It was in the green room of the Jorgensen Auditorium at the University of Connecticut. The first

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Keep the Faith; And your Distance too!

We are in the midst of a very nasty, insidious virus. We haven’t seen anything like this in our lifetimes. As a society, we are learning new

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I’m Going to Die Out Here

“I’m going to die right here!” Ed Warren enlisted in the U.S.Navy on September 7, 1943.It was Ed’s 17th birthday. He initially attempted to

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When Ed Met Lorraine

When Lorraine was just 16 years old, she and two of her friends went to the Colonial theater in Bridgeport, Connecticut to watch a movie. The year

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When Judy Met Tony

In late September of 1979, it was a clear  crisp day, the sun beaming  through the blue, cloudless sky. I worked as a police officer in the town of

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