Ed Warren, Lorraine Warren and Me Part 2

About a week had passed since I’d met Ed and Lorraine at the University of Connecticut. I was still working as a police officer at the time, and would find myself cruising around reflecting on the lecture I had seen the week prior, and some of the things Ed had told me.

Even though we had come from two different worlds, ( Ed born in Bridgeport in the pre- depression era ) while I was from Hartford, ( born during the Korean War era) I felt that we had made a connection, had somehow found common ground. And that common ground was the paranormal realm. I had lost my mother 11 years prior, and lost my older brother, Ted only 5 years prior to meeting Ed and Lorraine. So I guess in a way I was searching for some type of answer.
Were my mom and brother still around? Did their spirits ( souls ) actually continue on- perhaps to a place we know as Heaven?

Maybe Ed and Lorraine could help me answer that question. Just maybe.

So when Judy asked me if I’d be interested in going to her parents house for dinner, I leaped at the chance.

I was going to ask them, point blank, if they could enlighten me about the souls of departed loved ones. And that’s exactly what I did. I will elaborate on that later.

When we arrived at the Warren’s house on that late October Sunday afternoon, I was overwhelmed by the many Knick
Knacks embellished with lace doilies, and the utter neatness of it all. It was as if I had walked into a Knick knack emporium run by a neat OCD freak on steroids.

As I entered the kitchen area, there was Lorraine, tending to the stove, the aroma of roasted Turkey, wafted into my nostrils, oh what a beautiful aroma it was- and on the stovetop were pans full of various vegetables. My stomach rumbled. Lorraine smiled, Judy and I sat at the table.

Shortly after sitting, Ed walked in from the back door and entered the kitchen. He wore a sand colored “ Safari “ type jacket, the kind with a lot of pockets and a belt. There was some type of fabric patch embroidered on the chest pocket. Without missing a beat he rubbed his hands together happily and proclaimed, “ Okay, let’s eat! “

And so we did. After a delicious meal of roasted Turkey with gravy, mashed potatoes, butternut squash, stuffing and green bean casserole, Ed asked me if I wanted to visit the “ Warren’s occult museum. “ You can guess my response.

As we walked along the “Haunted passageway, toward the museum’s entrance, I must admit to more than a little trepidation as Ed had admonished me numerous times along the way “ Not to touch ANYTHING. “

I felt my heart pounding as we approached the entryway, and Ed’s face seemed to take on a more worrisome look, at least to me it did seem so.

He unlocked the door, and stepped in, beckoning me to follow……


5 thoughts on “Ed Warren, Lorraine Warren and Me Part 2”

  1. After watching your YouTube videos (which I absolutely love) Ive stumbled onto hear and I just wanted to say Im really enjoying it all and thank you
    Stay safe
    From down under

  2. Stumbled on the “Seekers of the Supernatural” videos over the past couple of weeks while killing time surfing the internet during Florida’s safer-at-home restrictions. Those videos eventually led me to this tonyspera.com NESPR site. Simultaneously fascinating and terrifying. Ironically, the information/content has really helped strengthen my faith. Maybe in a future video you could talk about what steps were taken (if any) to protect whoever placed the items in the occult museum from evil consequences as a result of touching the artifacts now on display there. (I assume someone had to physically touch every item in there. …Not any job that I would apply for.)
    Fan in Florida

    1. Thanks for writing, Tim.
      I will post an entire explaination on a new log post shortly.

  3. Wow I really want to know more I saw your YouTube channel on my recommended and I checked out your website and your blog is really cool. I hope to see more

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