How we protect ourselves when placing- or moving artifacts at the Warren Occult Museum

I received a question from a viewer wanting to know how we protect ourselves when moving an artifact, or placing a new artifact into the museum.

When I first met Ed Warren, I asked him that very question .

Paraphrasing, below is his answer;

First, I try not to touch those items unless it’s absolutely necessary.

But sometimes I have to. This is what I do. I make sure that I am in a state of grace, that is, I go to confession and have a priest absolve me of sin.

Then, I put blessed holy water in a large both and drench my hands in it. I close my eyes and envision myself surrounded by and bathed in a very white and bright light- all around my body. It’s called a “Christ Light“

it protects my “aura“ from demonic attack.

Then I put on heavy gloves, ask God for protection from evil entities, and then quickly move the object to where I want it to be.”

So, I have used that very method each time I have had to touch or move an artifact.

I hope that answers your question satisfactorily.

My Best,