Stepney Cemetery


Stepney Cemetery is an old cemetery in Monroe, Connecticut, located in the village of Stepney. It was established next to the Stepney Green in 1794. Many of the area’s earliest settlers are buried in the cemetery; the oldest headstone belongs to Nathaniel W. Knapp (died 1787). The cemetery is also known as Birdsey’s Plain Cemetery or Beardsley Plain Cemetery. Next to the cemetery is Our Lady of The Rosary Chapel. The pastor there was Bishop Robert McKenna, who had assisted the Warrens in several exorcisms.

The White Lady

Due to the proximity of Union Cemetery and Stepney Cemetery, the White Lady has been spotted near both locations.  She is a woman wearing a white gown, white bonnet, and has long dark hair.  She is often seen wandering the streets and appearing to drivers on the nearby roads.  The Warrens have successfully captured photo and video footage of the White Lady.

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