The Haunting In Connecticut

The Snedeker Family

In 1986, the Snedeker family (Allen and Carmen, and their three sons, daughter, and two nieces) moved into a simple white duplex rental home in Southington, CT, that had at one time had been a funeral home. In the basement, they found various mortuary items, including a hoisting apparatus for coffins, a medical gurney, blood drains, and toe tags. Soon enough, the Snedekers were reporting all kinds of evil, including sexual attacks, apparitions, and abrupt, violent personality changes in the oldest son, who was undergoing treatments for Hodgkin’s disease.


After the family reached despiration, they didn’t know where to turn.  They reached out to Ed and Lorraine Warren and begged them to investigate their home.  The Warrens investigated the house and officially proclaimed it “possessed,” and that the home was infested with demons and evil spirits.

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